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There are five cemeteries in the Township:

  • Birmingham
       15102 South St.
       Wakeman, OH 44889
  • Florence
       110319 SR 113
       Berlin Heights, OH 44814
  • Cable
       12310 Cable Rd.
       Berlin Hgts., OH 44814
  • Harrison
       10819 Harrison Rd.
       Wakeman, OH 44889
  • Carter
       13903 Carter Rd.

Note: Burials only take place in Birmingham, Florence and Cable.

Rates effective September 16, 2015:


  • Township residents - $200.00 per burial plot
  • Non-residents - $600.00 per burial plot

Lot size: 5’ x 10’ Only one grave marker per lot.

No more than four (4) cremations or one (1) earthly and three (3) cremations on any one plot.

Note: A Florence Township Firefighter that is an Honorary Member (five years or more) and their spouse can purchase, only for themselves, two cemetery plots at Florence Township resident rates in any Florence Township Cemetery. (Res. 4-57-03 April 16, 2003)

  Burials - Opening and Closing

Infants to 1 year of age
Over 1 year of age
Monday thru Friday:
Burial of Ashes Mon-Fri:
Burial of Ashes Saturday:
No Sunday Funerals

From the end of Daylight Savings Time (Fall) to the beginning of Daylight Savings Time (Spring) all funerals have to be in the Cemetery by 1:00 PM., so closing can be done before dark. (Res. 01-20-03 January 29, 2003)

For foundation cost and schedule contact the Fiscal Officer.


  1. No planting without permission (no shrubs/trees).
  2. Township does not maintain landscaping.
  3. No glass allowed - two pots or vases per grave.
  4. Artificial flowers are to be in secured containers (not stuck in grass).
  5. No dogs/pets allowed.
  6. No bicycles on cemetery grounds.
  7. Winter wreaths must be removed by April 1st.
  8. After holidays or special days, items need to be removed within two weeks.
  9. Must have permission for any benches, etc.